Vintage Birthdays

Vintage Birthdays: June

Prince Rogers Nelson – June 7, 1958 (d. April 21, 2016)

prince 80's rose

young prince

purple prince

young prince denim

Juliette L. Lewis – June 21, 1973

Juliette Lewis

natural born killers

The Face Magazine April 1994 Juliette Lewis

Nancy Sandra Sinatra – June 8, 1940

Nancy Sinatra

Frank and Baby Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra Black Dress

Nancy Sinatra Bikini Guitar



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Marilyn Monroe’s Top 10 Most Iconic Outfits

In honor of what would’ve been Miss Norma Jean’s 91st birthday this June 1st, I put together some of her best and most recognizable outfits. While Marilyn looked fabulous in everything she wore, these are are especially fabulous!

10. Here’s Marilyn in one of her best colors – white! This one has her wrapped in white fur. Winsome in White Fur, NY, 1955 © Milton H Greene / Archive Images

Marilyn Monroe's Top 10 Most Iconic Outfits

9. Marilyn in glasses! Fabulous 50’s cat eye glasses! This image is from the 1953 movie How to Marry a Millionaire where she played Pola Debevoise.

marilyn monroe glasses

8. Next up is Marilyn Monroe in a casual black turtleneck. Photographed in the spring of 1953 by Alfred Eisenstaedt at Monroe’s Beverly Hills home for LIFE Magazine.

marilyn monroe black turtleneck

7. No one wore high waisted short shorts like Marilyn wore high waisted short shorts!

marilyn monroe black shorts

6. We’re now getting down to the gown portion of our post! These fabulous matching red sequined gowns designed by William Travilla were worn in the 1953 movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by Marilyn and her co-star Jane Russell.

marilyn monroe red sequin dress

5. The infamous gold Travilla gown that she wore when she sang Happy Birthday Mr. President to JFK. Marilyn photographed at President Kennedy’s Birthday Gala, May 19th 1962.

marilyn monroe mr president dress

4. This pink beauty is another one of the many William Travilla designed dresses that Marilyn has worn. Worn in the 1953 movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes during her Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend number.

marilyn monroe pink dress

3. Ah, the gorgeous Travilla (yet again!) gold lame gown from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (again!).

marilyn monroe travilla gold gown

2. The “Ballerina” series is one of Milton & Marilyn’s most recognized collaborations and was created in October of 1954 at his New York studio. Marilyn was in New York for the opening of the Seven Year Itch. Designer Anne Klein sent various outfits for Marilyn to wear, however all were 2 sizes too small, so the poses in this sitting amusingly deal with her problem of holding up the ill-fitting tulle and satin dress. The most recognized image from this sitting was chosen as one of Time-Life’s 3 most popular images of the 20th Century.© Milton H. Greene, 1954

marilyn monroe ballerina dress

1. Finally! Another gorgeous Travilla designed dress, it’s the most iconic dress Marilyn Monroe ever wore. The image is from the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch and the dress even has it’s own Wikipedia page!

marilyn monroe seven year itch

Which of Marilyn’s iconic dresses is your favorite?


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Adventures in Vintage Linens

My latest vintage obsesh are vintage sheets and linens. I love the bold prints and patterns but I also love the *feel*. Most are a blend of cotton and polyester and provide a cool fabric for sleeping. Personally, I hate to be warm or hot when sleeping. I like the windows open, the cool side of the pillow and loathe flannel.

Since I’ve been collecting pretty sheets for awhile now, I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can do a little mix and match. Those in the vintage sheet community are calling them bedscapes or #sheetchangeinserthadayoftheweekhere.

My current favorite in my shop is this awesome floral twin fitted sheet. It’s like springtime at bedtime!

Vintage Stevens Utica Twin Fitted Spring Floral Sheet
Vintage Stevens Utica Twin Fitted Spring Floral Sheet

Sometimes I come across damaged sheets and those are usually referred to as “cutters”. I’ve started doing some cute magnet crafts with those cutters. I love using them in my office and on my fridge at home. They also make such great little gifts.


I’d love to see your vintage bedscapes! Tag me on instagram @vintspiration to share! :)



Vintage Birthdays

Vintage Birthdays: May

Rosario Dawson – May 9, 1979





Emilio Estevez – May 12, 1962





Christine Baranski – May 2, 1952






Etsy Shop Feature Series: WayBackWax

Vintage Flicker

The Shop Feature Series  is a blog segment where we get to chat with artistes and find out about their inspiration and story. My special guests today are Justine & Alexis, whose  work I found while browsing Instagram.  These ladies make gorgeous soy candles in interesting vintage wares. 

Here’s what the creators had to say when I caught up with them. Getting to know the artiste, isn’t that what Etsy is about?

How did you get started?

Wayback Wax is two friends from Upstate NY. One vintage lover (Justine) and one crafty mom (Alexis). We started in March 2016 while we were thinking of how to do something fun and creative together, that could also bring in some cash!

We scour estate sales and thrift shops to find unique and fun vintage vessels for our hand poured candles. Every candle is handmade in Stillwater, NY in small batches by us. We use eco-friendly soy…

View original post 385 more words

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Best Vintage Gifts for Mother’s Day

I believe in trying to find the *perfect* gifts for the ones I love. I get a sense of satisfaction and excitement when I find something that just instantly screams a persons name to me.

I love vintage. I live vintage! I know that doesn’t mean everyone does, so don’t think I go around buying “old” things for every gift I give. That would make me probably a little bit of a weirdo. But since I love vintage, I totally enjoy receiving thoughtful, vintage gifts. And maybe someone in your life does, too. Like maybe your Mom!

So I’ve put together a little list of awesome cool vintage gifts for mom this year.  You’re welcome. ;)

Mid Century Pink Planter from RetroGirlRedux
I love you more than my Pyrex kitchen towel from janetmorrin
Vintage Vera Neumann Scarf from BYBEEVINTAGE
Vintage Mother Mug Soy Wax Candle by WaybackWax
Vintage Enid Collins “Love Doves” Box Purse from RustBeltThreads
Blue Poodle Bookends from HourglassandDaisy
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Vera & Schumacher

Wonderful article on Vera Neumann and her prints with Schumacher.

the eye has it

Vera (Neumann) had a prolific career as an artist and designer. Her hand painted designs have appeared on everything from scarves to dinnerware, bedding, fashion, and towels. Her first foray into licensing her name and artwork was with the fabric house F. Schumacher in 1947. It was a pairing of two textile powerhouses. The first design Vera did for Schumacher was called “Tibet”, a landscape of Himalayan pine trees and traditional architecture.

“Tibet” by Vera Neumann

One of Vera’s most popular and recognizable designs with Schumacher was her “Jack in the Pulpit” which was introduced in 1949. This fabric was used in the Sun Room of the White House by the Trumans in 1952. “Jack in the Pulpit” remained available in Schumacher showrooms until 1986 – a noteworthy long run for any pattern. It featured ferns, one of Vera’s signatures that she depicted in many of her patterns.

“Jack in…

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