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Abode & Beyond: Terra, terra, terra, terra, terra, terrarium

You come and go, you come and gooooooooooooooo. Ok, maybe I took the Culture Club play on words a little too far. Whatevs.

I have been drooling over terrariums for the last few months. My best friend is obsessed with gardening and planting, so maybe it’s rubbing off on me. I’m also planning a move out of the city and to the country sometime in the next 6 to 9 months, so my desire for all things green has been growing inside of me. Pun intended.

There’s a lot of interest in terrariums going around but I of course want the vintage goods!

Vintage Glass Ornament Hanging Terrarium $20.00 by EachPeachVintage
Vintage Stained Glass Terrarium $52.00 by ArmoryArtandAntiques
french extra large green glass bottle, demijohn,antique carboy $92.00 by FrenchMelody
Glass Terrarium $85.00 by MaudeAndLola

4 thoughts on “Abode & Beyond: Terra, terra, terra, terra, terra, terrarium”

  1. I’m in love with all of them, sadly I wasn’t born with a green thumb. I really like that first one, wonder how you get the stuff inside? :)
    Thanks so much for showing my Maude & Lola terrarium – I couldn’t resist it because to me, it looks like the top of the Del Hotel in Coronado, one of my favorites places :)

    1. I’ve never had a plant before! My best friend just gave me a rosemary herb plant he potted for me and I’m starting slowly.

      I gave him a globe terrarium similar to the first one and I’m waiting for his moss to grow in more to start a small terrarium. There are special tools to get small planting materials in those holes – can you believe that?!

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