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The Op Shop – Rochester NY

My sister Videre Vintage has opened up a vintage fashion co-op in Rochester NY called The Op Shop and the grand opening is set for New Year’s Eve!


Featuring vintage outfits perfect for the holiday and partnering with The Factory Hairdressing to offer updos and blowouts, this will be such a fun event. So if you’re in the Rochester area, be sure to stop by and tell them Vintspiration sent you!



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Vintage Summer Clearance

This time of year I like to put on a sale to clear out some of the summer items to make room for the upcoming Fall listings. Even though it’s August, there’s still lots of hot days left to enjoy some summer purchases. Why not get them at 25% off? ;)


Shop the Vintspiration Summer Clearance Sale now through August 16th, 2017.



Etsy Shop Feature Series: WayBackWax

Vintage Flicker

The Shop Feature Series  is a blog segment where we get to chat with artistes and find out about their inspiration and story. My special guests today are Justine & Alexis, whose  work I found while browsing Instagram.  These ladies make gorgeous soy candles in interesting vintage wares. 

Here’s what the creators had to say when I caught up with them. Getting to know the artiste, isn’t that what Etsy is about?

How did you get started?

Wayback Wax is two friends from Upstate NY. One vintage lover (Justine) and one crafty mom (Alexis). We started in March 2016 while we were thinking of how to do something fun and creative together, that could also bring in some cash!

We scour estate sales and thrift shops to find unique and fun vintage vessels for our hand poured candles. Every candle is handmade in Stillwater, NY in small batches by us. We use eco-friendly soy…

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My Favorite Things: Blogs

I was recently updating my blog here with a new look (you likey?) and I started going through my blogroll which I have always kept somewhat tight. I don’t link to other blogs or websites idly. I have to really genuinely like it. Vintspiration is hardly a household name and I don’t expect it’ll ever be, but I’m happy with my little slice of the internet here.

I thought I’d list my five favorite vintage blogs here and share them with you!

These are a few of my favorite things...

1. Videre Vintage – I may be slightly partial to this blog since it’s written by my baby sister! She’s a 20 year old art student who adopted my love of vintage back when she was in middle school and tagging along on my thrifting adventures. She was my original (and still occasional!) model and she’s since opened her own Etsy shop. Her blog is fairly new, but be sure to check out her post on dreaming of that thrift fix and her side of the story on how she started her love of vintage.

2. Dear Golden – I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Dear Golden. Her Etsy shop is amazing. Her instagram is amazing. Her brick and mortar shop is amazing. Her home is amazing. It’s just ridiculous how amazing she is. Swoon.

3. Denisebrain – I adore Maggie of Denisebrain. She’s beautiful, smart and someone I’ve admired for years. I’m lucky enough to ‘know’ her a little though our longtime online social circles and I consider her blog one of the most fun out there. It’s educational, but not in an overly scholarly way that makes you wanna snooze. It’s cheerful, pretty and interesting – exactly like the woman who writes it!

4. The Vintage Traveler – I’ve known Lizzie for years. First online and then I had the opportunity to meet her in real life about 15 years ago. Jeez, where does the time go? Anyway, her blog is brilliant. It’s like being taught something new every day and I always come away thinking “Wow. That was really interesting.” Seriously, every post is like that!

5. Yard Sale Bloodbath – A blog I can’t even remember how I came across but it’s a guilty pleasure, for sure. I dig their storytelling and feel like I’m shopping alongside them. Plus those junk in the trunk shots are my favorite part.

I really enjoy all the blogs on my blogroll, so feel free to click a link or two on my sidebar. And I’m always looking for new reads, feel free to post your favorites in the comments!



Blog Feature: I’m a Norbyah

I want to thank the lovely Norbyah for featuring Vintspiration in her ongoing series Etsy Confessions! It was fun being interviewed and reading the other sellers included in the series. She has a great sense of style and her blog showcases it. Pop in and say hi!

I'm a Norbyah

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2013 Bonnie & Clyde

I recently hear about the cable miniseries event for Bonnie & Clyde coming in December and I am so excited! Not only do I totally dig the story of the infamous duo but the costumes are looking to be pretty epic.

Bonnie & Clyde
Bonnie & Clyde
That dress, those shoes, the beret!
That dress, those shoes, the beret!
I am smitten with that cream blouse.
I am smitten with that cream blouse.
Just the sleeve of Holly Hunters dress has got me melting.
Just the sleeve of Holly Hunters dress has got me melting.
Ahhhhhhh knit divinity!
Ahhhhhhh knit divinity!

I suggest becoming a fan of the miniseries on Facebook just for all the eye candy they post. And of course watching it! December 8th showing simultaneously on Lifetime, History and A&E channels.


Vintspiration Now With Even More Inspiration

I mentioned recently that I was in a state of change. I’m happy to say I’m about 75% settled!

My new location in Upstate New York is beautiful. It’s right off the Hudson River and every morning when I start my commute to my new job I get to see this view. It makes me smile every single day.

Ahhhhhh home sweet home. :)

I was so lucky to find a position so quickly, and even luckier to find the apartment I did. While I love the charm of an older home, this newer construction space is a beautiful blank slate. It’s a perfect backdrop to my eclectic vintage collections and it’s like three times the size of my apartment in Brooklyn! Brooklyn will always be my hometown and there’s no place in the world more near and dear to my heart than my beloved Greenpoint, but things change, people move on and I’m ecstatic to be where I am.

On the Vintspiration front, I’ve already been shopping several times and found a few new favorite spots. Plus there is so much more for me to explore. In my new place, I have an entire room dedicated to the Vintspiration headquarters. The boxes are full, the bags are stuffed and I need to spend this weekend unpacking and organizing stock, but once that’s all tidied up it’ll be time to list the latest scores. ;)

Welcome to the new Vintspiration, now with even more inspiration!