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June 25% Sale

Just started a 25% off sale – running now through Monday, June 18th, so get shopping!

Sale June 2018


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Vintage Summer Clearance

This time of year I like to put on a sale to clear out some of the summer items to make room for the upcoming Fall listings. Even though it’s August, there’s still lots of hot days left to enjoy some summer purchases. Why not get them at 25% off? ;)


Shop the Vintspiration Summer Clearance Sale now through August 16th, 2017.


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Huesday: Turmeric

Yellow is having a moment, especially deep orange-y yellows such as goldenrod and turmeric.


TURMERIC. A bright yellow aromatic powder obtained from the rhizome of a plant of the ginger family, used for flavoring and coloring in Asian cooking and formerly as a fabric dye.

Vintage 1960s Yellow Nautical Long Shorts | Fisherman pattern from VidereVintage
Vintage 80’s Mustard Stripe Sheer Blouse M from Vintspiration
50’s linen dress from GoldHeartVintage
Vintage Turmeric Espadrilles | Vintage Goldenrod Summer Espadrilles Flats from lexiconshop
Mod go go Dress very cool,hip retro, flirty stylish mod dress from SerialMateriaL


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Best Vintage Gifts for Mother’s Day

I believe in trying to find the *perfect* gifts for the ones I love. I get a sense of satisfaction and excitement when I find something that just instantly screams a persons name to me.

I love vintage. I live vintage! I know that doesn’t mean everyone does, so don’t think I go around buying “old” things for every gift I give. That would make me probably a little bit of a weirdo. But since I love vintage, I totally enjoy receiving thoughtful, vintage gifts. And maybe someone in your life does, too. Like maybe your Mom!

So I’ve put together a little list of awesome cool vintage gifts for mom this year.  You’re welcome. ;)

Mid Century Pink Planter from RetroGirlRedux
I love you more than my Pyrex kitchen towel from janetmorrin
Vintage Vera Neumann Scarf from BYBEEVINTAGE
Vintage Mother Mug Soy Wax Candle by WaybackWax
Vintage Enid Collins “Love Doves” Box Purse from RustBeltThreads
Blue Poodle Bookends from HourglassandDaisy
Vintage Character

Vintage Character: Lucy Preston

I’m a sucker for any shows or movies that incorporate time travel. Especially time travel with cute outfits from all different eras! I recently binge watched Timeless. On NBC, the show just wrapped up it’s first season.

When an experimental time machine is stolen, a history professor, a soldier and an engineer are tasked with capturing the culprit only to learn that he plans to rewrite American history and that each of them has a connection to his plan as well as the mysterious organization that funded the machine’s development.

The history professor, Lucy Preston, is played by Abigail Spencer and she’s whose fashion I am always excited to see. They’ve traveled from 1754 to 1983 and everywhere in between.

1920s Vintage Beaded Flapper Era Dress by MORPHEWCONCEPT
1800s Prairie Dress by VeraVague
Vintage 50’s Watercolor Print Dress M by vintspiration
Victorian Calico Dress, 1800s Red Calico Prairie Dress by daisyandstella