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Manic Mod-Day: Youthquake

One of the very best items I ever found was this 60’s Emmanuelle Khanh for Youthquake silver lamé dress. I can still remember finding it in the children’s clothing section of the Salvation Army about 8 years ago. It was in pristine condition! I sold it eBay shortly after and I’ve missed it ever since.

Emmanuelle Khanh for Youthquake silver lame dress

Emmanuelle Khanh for Youthquake

Youthquake was a 1960s fashion, musical and cultural movement. The term was coined by Vogue’s editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland in 1963. London was the center of this movement. Teenagers dominated the fashion and music scene. The fashion of youthquake was fun, spirited and youthful – miniskirts and jumpsuits. Poster girls of the youthquakers such as Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, Penelope Tree, Veruschka, and Edie Sedgwick were often on the cover of fashion magazines such as Vogue. Mary Quant and Betsey Johnson were named as some of the fashion designers at the helm of the youthquake movement. Andy Warhol and his muses were also seen as part of the youthquake movement. – via Wikipedia

Youthquake was also a clothing line that included talent from London such as Mary Quant and Emmanuelle Khahn (who designed my dress above), and creative young American designers like Betsey Johnson, Deanna Littell, and Joel Schumacher (yep the Hollywood director!). Youthquake was a division of Puritan Fashion owned by Carl Rosen that sold traditional dresses. The line sold in the undisputed house of mod, the Paraphernalia boutiques. Shops in London and New York opened by British entrepreneur Paul Young.

Betsey Johnson, a zany assistant in the art department of Mademoiselle—she had won the magazine’s Guest Editor contest for college students and was charming the staff with the little sweaters and T-shirt dresses she sewed at home. She was “young and kicky and with-it,” Mademoiselle’s Locke remembers. So when Young called looking for ideas, Locke didn’t hesitate to recommend her. Johnson still remembers her first meeting with Young: “I had all these crayon drawings, and I went to meet Paul and there he was, drawing with crayons.” She was hired on the spot. – via NY Magazine

Yellow Gold YouthQuake by Michael Mott Dress $150.00 by The Roo Vintage
Vintage 1960s Youthquake Knit Spaceage Knit Mini Dress $215.00 by Yum Yum Vintage
Dress 1960s Vintage 60s YOUTHQUAKE Purple Metallic Mod Mini Dress – SOLD by BombshellShocked
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Manic Mod-Day: Jean Shrimpton

Jean Shrimpton, The It Girlmodel of the mod 60’s.

Jean Shrimpton
Jean Shrimpton
Jean Shrimpton
Jean Shrimpton
Jean Shrimpton – Is that plaid outfit not to die for?!
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Manic Mod-Day: Mary Quant

A couple of weeks ago when I posted about how cute crochet hot pants were, it made me think about the mother of hot pants – Mary Quant. She was a British designer and fashion icon of the mod movement. She’s credited with revolutionizing hot pants, waterproof mascara and mini skirts. Talk about an overachiever.

Mary Quant

In 2000 the label was bought out by the Japanese and finding original vintage designs are difficult among a sea of newer stuff. The daisy logo is still in use making spotting the vintage from the newer even more challenging, but it’s out there if you have deep pockets.

Skirt and Jumper, Mary Quant circa 1965 via V&A Museum
Quant by Quant
1960’s MARY QUANT black wool dress with silk collar & cuffs by Jennifer Kobrin via 1stdibs $1,250
Mary Quant plaid dress via tumblr
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Manic Mod-Day: Rudi Gernreich

One of the best mod pieces I ever had was this Rudi Gernreich black and white dress back in 2003. Heck, I’d say it one of my best pieces ever – mod or not. Ahem, digital photography and styling has come a little ways since then…

Rudi Gernreich dress by vintspiration – SOLD

Sadly that was the first and only Rudi Gernreich I’ve found in my travels. I found mine at a Salvation Army in Staten Island for under $10 sometime in the early 2000’s. I almost had a heart attack. It had some moth nibbles and it needed a cleaning in the worst way, but it was a killer find. The sort of find that makes us keep searching weekend after weekend, thrift shop after thrift shop.

I was still able to find some great Rudi’s for sale online… though none for $10.

RARE! RUDI GERNREICH Vtg 60’s MOD YELLOW LiNEN DRESS! M $649.99 by violetville via eBay

This one is sold, but a great example from a fellow VFGer, Couture Allure.

SOLD Vintage 70s RUDI GERNREICH Dress Wool Knit Colorblock by Couture Allure

I actually really like this one and it’s got one of the better prices I’ve seen online. This is totally wearable today. Love those shoulder cutouts.

Rudi Gernreich Knit dress $399.00 starting bid, $500.00 to buy it now by nycbluejeanbaby via eBay